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1135-4000 No.3 Rd, Aberdeen Sq.
Richmond, BC V6X 0J8
Phone : 778-383-9000

Data Recovery

When data cannot be read from a storage media suddenly, or any accident happen result in data lost, you can consult us for professional data recovery service. The storage media we can handle include hard disk drive, floppy disk, tape drive, ZIP, MO and different kind of memory card etc..


The main process of data recovery is to re-connect and re-arrange the data left on the storage media, even if the data has been deleted or the driver has problem, we can still recover the data if the storage media do not suffer severe damage. Most data can be recover if data is deleted accidentally or damaged by virus, because probably they are just lost the connection between data, so we can recover the data by rebuild the link. If the data cannot be read cause by hardware problem, we can repair or change the parts under a clean room environment to fix the hard disk, but since there are so many different kinds and brand of storage media in the market, so we have a complete parts collection to support our professional data recovery service.


★ Important notice after data loss

If you want to try using data recovery software

Please make sure you don’t install the software in the original hard disk and no other hardware failure was found, otherwise it only makes the problem getting worse.

Do not power up the hard disk

If you found some weird sound coming from the hard disk, please turn off the power immediately. Power up the damaged hard disk may cause serious damage, so please consult us for professional data recovery service.

Data loss caused by defragmentation

However, if a defragged hard disk has been used for a long period of time, the chance of recovery will become lower.

Physically damaged

Most people assume that data cannot be retrieved if hard disk has physically damaged, but actually as long as the disk is not seriously scratched, data can still be recovered.

Flooded by water

In this situation, data still have chance to be recovered, but remember please don’t try to power up the hard disk, bring it to us for professional data services.


Web Hosting Services
Domain names, web hosting, email accounts, building websites, search engine optimization, and ... Digital Web Hosting
From the Founder
Founder "Since the incorporation of Digital World in 2004, we have been dedicating our efforts to provide more choices of digital photo and video services to customers. It is our mission to "bring the digital world of colours to your daily life".

Thomas Yau, BBA

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